How to Preserve Old Photos

Your grandparents wedding. Dad’s graduation picture. Your 1st birthday. Some images captured in time are the only precious reminders we have of lost loved ones and our happiest memories. Fingerprints, acids, the elements and time can all take their toll on these fragile bits of your family history, causing your photos to deteriorate rapidly. In the age of digital images, it can be easy to forget about the care of your hard copies, leaving you to run the risk of losing those visual mementos forever.

Acrylic photo sleeves are the perfect answer to preserving and enjoying photos from every era, and help to keep your paper pictures organized and at hand. They’re designed to protect your photos from moisture, dust, humidity and fingerprints, keeping your images looking rich and glossy through the years. If you have stacks of old photos sitting in a box somewhere, take some time to organize and preserve them for everyone’s future enjoyment. Sort through them and discard or give away duplicates or photos that are out of focus or don’t hold any meaning to you. Still left with a large stack of photos? No worry, these acrylic photo sleeves come in packs of 200 in 5” x 7” and 4” x 6” sizes. Plus, they have resealable tops, so you can take your photos out and use them as you please, then stick them back in the sleeve when you’re done.

Finally, store your protected photos in an acid-free, photo safe box, preferably in a dark and dry shelf to keep them away from light and out of harms way. It may seem quaint or nostalgic to keep your old photos in a vintage cookie tin or hat box, but that method of storage leaves your pictures at major risk of damage and decay. With the right method of organization, a photo-safe protective sleeve for your pictures and a high and dry method of storage, your memories are sure to be preserved in a way that you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

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