How to Create Custom Postcards

In our digital age, the notion of sending a postcard to friends and family from an exotic vacation locale has been replaced by the social media selfie. It’s easy to forget how fun and special it is to receive a postcard from someone you love, but bringing back that nostalgic notion is more accessible than you think. If you’ve been looking for a special way to reach out to someone near or far, read on, and we’ll show you how to create a custom postcard that’s sure to make them smile.


Step 1: Choose the Right Materials


When you send materials through the mail, it’s important to note specifications in size, shape and weight. That’s why this pack of 50 blank 5” x 7” postcards from Jot and Mark is the perfect base for your custom creation. They are made of a sturdy, uncoated paper stock that’s perfect for whatever medium you wish to work in from stickers to markers, watercolors, crayon or ink. The postal service won’t send postcards that aren’t rectangular in shape or don’t meet their guidelines for size and weight, so be sure to use blank postcards that are up to their standards.


Step 2: Decide on Your Subject


Whether you’re sending out a casual engagement announcement or simply want to flex your artistic capabilities, you’ll still need to plan your postcard design before you begin. Consider the recipient of your greeting and think of what kind of images and motifs they would like to see. If you’re planning on making multiple postcards in the same design, consider using rubber stamps and ink to create a more uniform look. Photos, glue, washi tape, glitter and magazine clippings are also great ways to add a personalized touch to your custom postcard.


Step 3: Protect and Send


Once you are satisfied with the finished look of your postcard, it’s time to seal and send it off. Items that go through the mail are touched and tossed around many times before they reach their destination, so it’s important to protect your artwork or images. Clear craft sealant like mod podge creates the perfect barrier to help keep your design looking crisp when it arrives. Simply apply a thin layer of clear sealant over your work with a paintbrush and allow to dry before sending it away. Be sure to only cover the front of the postcard, leaving the lined back unsealed so that you can add your own handwriting and address. If your embellishments left your postcard feeling heavy, consider adding a traditional stamp to send it off instead of a postcard stamp to ensure that your creation is delivered without a hitch.


If you’ve been looking for a simple, relaxing way to send off a special greeting, consider giving custom postcards a try. It’s the perfect way to send a handmade greeting with a personalized touch from your heart to their home.

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