About Us


Even in today’s digital world, there are situations where only paper will do. Weddings, birthdays, graduations—these events matter to us, because we know how much they matter to you. A thank-you card, a wedding invitation, a handwritten message cuts through the clutter and noise of our busy lives. At Jot & Mark, we offer stationery products and gifts to charm, celebrate, and organize the special moments of your life.


We understand the power of fond memories. People still make scrapbooks and they still keep shoeboxes of keepsakes. We have those destinations in mind when we make our cards and stationery. We seek out niche designers and specialty printers to bring you unique stationery, notebooks, and cards, at prices that make it easy for you to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones. We want each Jot & Mark product to delight you—and the person you send it to!


We love the digital age—after all, this is our Website—yet we know that there are times where only paper will do. Pen on paper is its own language. It’s a separate communication channel, a physical keepsake that will endure long after a text message has been deleted or a link has expired.