Library Book Card and Pocket Holder Kit for Catalogs and Checkouts (100 Pairs)

  • $ 19.99

Classic Solution 

A set of library checkout cards and pockets is a time-tested, universally-understood method to organize church libraries, school libraries, and private collections at home or in the office.

Self-Adhesive Pockets

Organizing your media is easy because no glue or tape is required. Each pocket has enough peel-and-stick adhesive to bond gently but firmly to your books, DVDs, CDs, or periodicals.

Durable and Robust

The pockets measure 4 1/2" tall x 3 1/2" wide, and are strong enough to withstand years of use. Each card has spaces to allow for dozens of checkouts and returns.

Dual Sided

The cards have entry space for author, title, date due, and borrower's name. You won't need to replace cards often.