Floral Print Shopping List Pads (Set of 3)

  • $ 10.99

Beautiful Colors

Each 3" x 8" notepad features a contemporary floral graphic framing the writing area. You'll enjoy a daily dose of modern color as you work through the day's tasks.

Adaptable Format

The long list format folds neatly in a wallet or pocket, and the floral design stands out in a handbag or glove compartment. Use them for grocery lists, meal planning, shopping trips, or activity lists.

Magnetic Cardboard Backing

The cardboard backing of each notepad features a magnetic strip, so the pad can attach to refrigerator doors and filing cabinets.

Premium Writing Experience

Jot & Mark uses only top-quality writing paper with a smooth surface for rollerball, ball point, and pencil. Each list is ruled with medium gray lines.