Dish Towels 100 Percent Cotton | Set of 4 for Drying and Kitchen Use (Ansel Grey)

  • $ 11.99

Beautiful Decorating Touch
Jot & Mark believes that everything in your kitchen should delight you. Each set contains four color-coordinated designs that bring color and charm to your home.

Large Size
Each towel measures 18” x 28”, so you can cover a dish, protect a countertop from a hot baking sheet, or set dozens of hand-washed glasses down to dry.

100% Cotton
While they look beautiful, these towels are ready to work when you need them. Woven from pure cotton, these dish towels can absorb up to five times their weight in water.

The Benefits of Cotton
Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton resists heat, so you can use a folded towel as a potholder or trivet.

Modern Monochrome Patterns
Three grey tones coordinate across four complementary patterns on this set of towels. Grey matches every décor without overpowering other design elements in your kitchen.