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Baby Prediction Cards 3.5 x 2" (Pack of 25)
Baby Prediction Cards 3.5 x 2" (Pack of 25)
Jot & Mark

Baby Prediction Cards 3.5 x 2" (Pack of 25)

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Think of these cards as reverse party favors: long after the baby shower ends, the mom-to-be will have these fun and friendly reminders of the day.

Part of a whole line of Jot & Mark products for planning and running a baby shower, these cards help get the whole room involved! Turn them into an icebreaker or game at the baby shower: friends and family write down their predictions for the upcoming bundle of joy! Boy or girl? 8lbs 2oz or 6lbs 4oz? Will she have papa's nose? Mama's freckles? Will she be prompt and punctual, or will he arrive well after curfew? Leave the cards with the happy couple, or entrust them to the eager grandparents to monitor the results and announce the winners. It's a game of obstetrical horseshoes—how close can you get?

  • Sturdy paper stock can handle even a wild baby shower
  • Festive, pink and blue designs add a light mood
  • Collected cards create keepsake memories
  • Completed cards make for an easy “page 1” in baby album or scrapbook
  • Helps even shy guests feel involved at the party

The prize? Sorry, you don't win naming rights for the baby…but there is a blank for you to recommend a name, too!

Set of 24 cards: 12 pink and 12 blue

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