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Kids Thank You Cards (set of 20) (Amazon)
Jot & Mark

Kids Thank You Cards (set of 20) (Amazon)

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About the Product

  • FUN, WELCOMING DESIGN | Our cards are zany, colorful, and attention-getting, so kids will be interested in this new activity.
  • FLEXIBLE USES | The cards are suitable after any occaision: birthdays, holiday presents, or family visits. Keep a set on hand so you're ready.
  • HELPFUL TEMPLATE | Kids aren't born knowing how to write thank you notes. But it really is the thought that counts! Our template guides them and makes sure they don't leave out anything important.
  • PEAL AND SEAL ENVELOPES | Nobody likes the taste of old glue. Our peal and seal system is clean, secure, and precise.
  • STURDY CARDSTOCK | Kids can be enthusiastic, and markers can be inky. Our kids thank you cards can take it.

Product Description

It’s a childhood chore, a rite of passage, and an important social skill: writing thank you notes. Real gifts deserve real cards of appreciation, but many young children don’t know where to begin. These delightfully bright and fun cards make it easy. With the basic structure already provided, kids are sure to put their own unique mark on gratitude. These sturdy cards can handle crayon, marker, or more traditional writing tools. The enthusiasm and personality of your kids will bubble up with these cards.

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